Dear BMW Owner,

I would like to introduce you to our BMW repair service in Fremont. Unlike most repair shops...ours will repair BMW's exclusively. I feel certain that when you purchased your BMW you felt that you were making a good investment and I agree...that is why I know that you must want to maintain and care for the mechanical workings, as well as, the exterior of your BMW.
In the automotive industry today, some shops have lost that personal touch and substituted with expediency at any cost. At TOP QUALITY BMW we pledge to keep your BMW in the best mechanical condition possible. I have personally repaired BMW's for over 33 years and feel that each BMW has its own personality. At TOP QUALITY BMW we offer the very best in service and repair for your BMW.

Please allow courteous office personal and our factory trained technicians to demonstrate their expertise to you. I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Avy Kanety

Top Quality BMW is committed to keeping your BMW in the best mechanical condition possible.

TOP QUALITY BMW was established in 1990. Owner Avy Kanety is a BMW factory trained technician, with 35 years of experience.

TOP QUALITY BMW is equipped with all the GT1 BMW software coding & programing plus the latest diagnostic data from ALLDATA.

Stop by and visit us
Avy and the entire staff are looking forward to meeting you.

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